I'm SHOCKED! Diaz admits he smokes weed, can fool drug tests

You may want to sit down before you read this. Ready?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nick Diaz smokes marijuana. You'd never guess it by his interviews or some of the ridiculous things that he says, but, it's true.

"I'm more consistent about everything being a cannabis user," Diaz said in an interview with The Times last week. "I'm happy to get loaded, hear some good music . . . I remain consistent."

Keith Kizer, head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, points out that marijuana slows your reflexes, which is rather dangerous in MMA. Diaz's opponent, Frank Shamrock, mentions how it doesn't help the image of the sport. Granted, it's not a performance-enhancing drug, but for better or worse, it is banned, and Diaz should not be using it this close to a fight.

Diaz admitting the marijuana use is not the most worrisome statement in the story. It's how tells how he gets past the drug tests.

"I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I'll be fine."

What exactly is the point of having a drug test if an athlete knows how to get past it? Drug testing is meant to discourage drug use. Here, we have a headliner for Strikeforce openly admitting his drug use, and sharing with the media methods to get around the testing. Is there any point in even having him take the test after his fights?

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