IFL vs. Fight Ticker: What's worse, gay bashing or cancer jokes?

Unless you're writing for Family Guy, the answer is both.

In the battle between a Mixed Martial Arts League CEO and a blogger, the IFL's Jay Larkin and Fightticker.com's Pramit Mohapatra both come out as losers.

Though, we give the jerk edge to, Larkin, who WAS running a multi-million dollar corporation and once controlled Showtime's boxing division for 25 years. He should know better.

The scrap featuring insensitive and stupid jokes was launched by Larkin.

In an MMA piece by Portfolio.com, Larkin commented on a slow-paced MMA fight that he had witnessed:

'This isn't my idea of fighting," Larkin says of the world's fastest-growing spectator sport. "To me, two guys rolling around on the floor is tedious, like watching gay foreplay.'

Cue the rimshot!

This outraged Mohapatra, who demanded an apology from Larkin on behalf of MMA fans and the gay community. Unfortunately, the former Baltimore Sun and SI.com writer's request for an apology was a bit too vitriolic:

'Someone needs to get International Fight League (IFL) chief executive Jay Larkin to his oncologist soon because only a recurrence of brain cancer can explain some of the statements he's been making recently.'

For some reason, what sounded like an angry Joe Favorito, IFL VP of Communications, called Mohapatra demanding an apology. Maybe Favorito should've first cleaned up his own backyard, one that was full of homophobic excrement laid by his boss Larkin.

Mohapatra quickly did the right thing, showing remorse on his website:

'I apologize for making light of Jay Larkin's difficult and serious fight with brain cancer. While I find his comments about MMA in the Portfolio.com article reprehensible and potentially offensive to fighters and to members of the gay community, I crossed the line by making a tasteless, personal comment about Larkin's serious disease.'

Meanwhile, Larkin gave the classic lame apology that folks too often produce when called out after making an insensitive comment:

'As to offending the gay community, if my comment offended anyone, for that I sincerely apologize. That was not my intent.'

The good news is Larkin couldn't possibly destroy the IFL's stock value anymore with embarrassing remarks, it's already at two cents a share.

Cue the rimshot! And this time no apology is necessary!

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