Ice cream and Chuck Norris: highlights from Miguel Torres' chat

If you missed Cagewriter's chat with WEC champ and the best pound-for-pound fighter in the U.S., Miguel Angel Torres, you missed out on some good laughs and insights into fighting. You can read the whole transcript here, but here are the highlights. The questions, from our readers, are in italics, with Miguel Torres' answers following.

If you were to fight anyone living or dead, who would it be? I would say Jesus, then I could talk to him about the way of fighting without fighting.

Outside of the daily grind of fighting and practicing, what are some of your interests? Any particular hobbies? Video games, soccer, ice cream, spending time with my daughter, and teaching. I like chocolate ice cream.

Before you were a rising star, before you had the belt, before your first pro fight even, what drove you to go to the gym and train? What drove you to get better even though there was no guaranteed future in the sport? The will to be the best. Fighting is the most honorable thing in life, there is no lying in it. The best will always prevail and you get what you put into it. I always wanted to do this since I could remember. I know that it takes time to do great things so I put my time in.

Have you ever tried that inverted triangle in training that we saw on Bellator? I have been doing that for 8 years.

One of your best attributes is your cardio. Do you adhere to old school road work, new age caveman intervals, or a mix? In all honesty, I train by balls off, road work, running in sand, tons of mitt work, and a ton of sparring, I train so hard that I break my own will to continue, when that happens, I slap my self and go for more. I temper my mind to make my body indestructible.

Who is your favorite fighter and why? Chuck Norris, his beard, tight pants, and boots are the standards all men should live their lives by. But really Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva.

You hit Mizugaki with huge shots. Where you surprised he stood in there trading all five rounds? And lasted that long with you? Not surprised, I figured there was someone out there as tough as me, just a matter of time until I found him. I think he was a robot.

Have you ever felt bad for knocking someone out? Never. People know the risk and they are trying to knock me out. There was one time that I broke someone's nose very badly and they only made 300 dollars. I felt horrible for that because he had such a long drive back and was not compensated for what he was worth. that is when i understood that in the long run of things, I am just cattle and when i am done no one will remember or care. We are just entertainment.

You are a little guy, do you get drunk real easy when not in training? Nope, I am a little guy but am Mexican. Never forget that.

Who sculps your mullet? I craft my own fro ... Been cutting my own hair for about 13 years. Can't you tell?

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