Hughes and Goldie suggest Serra is too small to win at 170

Let the hype begin for the long awaited matchup of the Matts. The rivalry between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra started when they were opposing coaches on the Ultimate Fighter 6. These guys blend like oil and water.

Hughes was the guest fighter during The Fight Club UFC 96 question and answer session. Serra and the subject of submission artists was brought up to the former welterweight champ who then quoted the great philosopher Phil Baroni. He and UFC announcer Mike Goldberg also said Serra, a jiu-jitsu practitioner, is too small to fight at welterweight:

"Me being a wrestler, wrestlers are all about control," said Hughes. "That's going to work against him too. You get on top of a guy who should be at 55 at 5-foot-5, there's going to be a lot of things working against him."

Watch Hughes at the Q & A (1:25 mark):

Goldberg echoes the sentiments that Serra's body type works against him and that he's too short at 5-5 with short arms, giving him little chance at 170.

Hughes sounds like he's far from done. He still thinks about moving to middleweight. He had an interesting story about The Ultimate Fighter 2 saying that if Evan Tanner had the middleweight title and not Rich Franklin, he would've faced Tanner after the show with the 185 belt on the line.

For some reason, Frank Trigg is discussed at length as well.

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