Hot or not: Who is making moves in MMA?

Maggie Hendricks

Who had a great week in MMA? Who just wants this week to be over so they can go home and take a bubble bath? Read up on Cagewriter's hot and not list.

HOT: Women's MMA — Riding a wave started by Ronda Rousey's championship win over Liz Carmouche, female fighters are now in the spotlight. The Rousey-Carmouche result made it all over television, and print and internet press. This opened the door for other fighters to get some press, like this Canadian piece on women's MMA.

HOT: Jose Aldo — The featherweight champion didn't like that he was fighting Anthony Pettis. He spoke up about it, ticked off UFC president Dana White, but then got his demand. If he wins, he'll get to jump up to lightweight for a chance at that belt. Pretty good tantrum, huh?

NOT: Matt Riddle — Getting in trouble with the UFC over using a banned substance is never good, regardless of reasoning or doctor's approval. Doing it twice in a row when the promotion is looking to trim 100 fighters from its roster? It means Riddle is looking for a job.

HOT: South Dakota — Legislators in the Mount Rushmore State -- yes, that's its nickname -- saw through misguided comments comparing MMA to child porn and voted to regulate MMA. It opens the door for more safety in fights in their fights.

NOT: Backwards thinking on MMA — Between the South Dakotan government officials being soundly dismissed and an editorial in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel being laughed off, it appears that MMA is moving past the days where ignorant people made comments about a sport they didn't understand.

Still taking a temperature: Brian Stann and Wanderlei Silva — Both men are looking to rebound off of losses as they face off at UFC on Fuel 8 in Japan on Saturday. Which one will end up on the hot list next week?

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