Horse-meat diet is the secret to Overeem’s 50-pound weight gain

The guy is built like an adonis. No, not Barry Bonds. We're talking about Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem. The Dutch MMA star has grown from a 205-pound light heavyweight in 2006 to a slim 224-pound heavyweight in 2007 to a 254-pound monster in December 2008 for his fight against Badr Hari. There's been a ton of speculation with the obvious talk being centered around Overeem potentially using performance enhancing drugs. All wrong! Overeem told the Croatian Magazine Index HR his new diet consist of horse meat, rice and protein shakes.

What a relief, he's not using PED's! Or is he? This is a great line from Cage Potato:

All that speculation about how Overeem managed to go from a tall, kind of skinny light heavyweight to a bulky beast of a heavyweight centered on the theory that he was injecting something. But maybe it’s the horses who have been injecting something.

I bet you Bonds is pissed. The flax seed oil excuse sucked. But "it was the horses' fault," would've worked perfectly.

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