Hope you didn't waste $29.99 on 'Ultimate Chaos'

At Saturday's "Ultimate Chaos" in Biloxi, Miss., MMA veteran Gilbert Yvel knocked out another longtime fighter, Pedro Rizzo. Skip to the 2:25 mark to see how the inept referee somehow didn't notice that Rizzo was out cold until after Yvel had landed at least three more punches.

Not long after that, the same referee failed to notice when Bob Sapp tapped out from punches in his loss to Bobby Lashley.

The bad refereeing was part of an overall poorly-run event that was definitely not worth $29.99. The commentators didn't take the time to ask the fighters how to pronounce their names. Chris Horodecki's name was particularly butchered; they somehow turned it into "Ear-a-decki." During the first two fights, the cage announcer had to check his microphone repeatedly. The camera work resembled something from a one-year-old's birthday party. Fanhouse's Michael David Smith said "it may have been one of the worst MMA shows I've ever seen."

Not every MMA event is going to have the production quality of the UFC and WEC, the advanced statistics of Strikeforce, or the quality announcing of Bellator. But the audacity Fight Force International, the promotion that put on "Ultimate Chaos," had to charge $30 for this mess is ridiculous. I've learned my lesson, and they won't be getting any more of my hard-earned cash.

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