Holly Holm nears deal with UFC

Elias Cepeda
Former boxer Holly Holm signed with the UFC Thursday. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Former boxing champion and rising MMA bantamweight Holly Holm has a fight scheduled April 4 (against Juliana Werner at Legacy FC 30 in New Mexico) but her management was busy this past weekend negotiating to bringing her to the UFC.

“Offers went back and forth,” Holm's manager Lenny Fresquez told MMA Junkie.

“We already had guidelines of what we were going to agree on and what we weren’t going to agree on. We’re still a little ways [apart] and there’s still a couple of items. We’re very excited about getting Holly into the UFC. It’s just my job to put Holly in the right hands.”

Fresquez says that it's his goal to get Holm a title fight against UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey, and to get her paid well for the privilege. The manager also claimed that the UFC is indeed considering former Strikeforce champions Gina Carano and "Cyborg" Justino as possible opponents for Rousey.

“I asked them, ‘Who’s Ronda going to fight?’” Fresquez went on.

“They said, ‘She could fight ‘Cyborg’ or fight Gina Carano.’ Those were the couple of other options that they were looking at. But I also know ‘Cyborg’ can’t make 135 pounds, and Gina can’t make 135 pounds, so I know those fights can’t be made for the UFC title.”

Who would you rather watch Rousey fight - Carano, "Cyborg" or Holm? Let us know in the comments section.

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