Hilarious video: Liddell busts Tito’s chops, Twitter war breaks out

See, it was a brilliant move to give Chuck Liddell an office in the Las Vegas headquarters of Zuffa. The new Vice President of Business Development can act, book the biggest and best for mega-fights and if you need someone KO'd in the break room, he's still got it!

This is funny stuff from Liddell and the UFC. The best line comes from Liddell "conversation" with Tito Ortiz.

"I'm not sure Ortiz-Machida II is what the fans want," Liddell said. "Ain't happening Tito, no one likes you."

To no one's surprise Tito tweeted that the acting sucked.

Dana White chimed in later to try and calm down Ortiz.{ysp:more}

Ortiz replied with a "thanks" and then Tito's wife Jenna Jameson got wind of it this morning. Look out!

Then DW flipped on Jenna.

Liddell also knocks out a co-worker for several slips of the tongue. He reminded us of Mike Tyson in The Hangover (NSFW).

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