Here's rooting for someone to pickup The Shaw's reality show

It's a freakin train wreck anytime you're around one of fighting's most famous families. One of the joys of behind the scenes access to boxing and MMA is a chance to watch the Gary Shaw and his family in action. It's "Jersey guy from around the corner" meets big-time sports.

This weekend it was Shaw and his son Jared calling out a member of Bernard Hopkins camp to talk some [expletive] about BHop ducking Chad Dawson. That's mild in comparison to the normal drama. Apparently there was a reality show in the works that would feature these wackos. It died but now maybe it's back. In the back row of the media section at the Hard Rock on Saturday there were several seats reserved for a "GSP Reality Show" film crew. Ariel Helwani was the first to point out there that was also a Blood, Sweat N' Bling logo on the canvas that could be seen on HBO during the Dawson-Antonio Tarver fight.

After all the embarrassment and bad mouthing that went down during and after the EliteXC run, does Jared really want to be a central figure on a show that makes him look your typical MTV rich kid? Watch as the trailer turns to Jared (4:48 mark) and makes him a look like a candidate for or

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