Hendricks interview: Come to the gym cocky, leave on a stretcher

It must be nice if you're Johny Hendricks and his Oklahoma State wrestling buddies Jake Rosholt and Shane Roller when you can brag that you combined for over 200 wins and five NCAA titles. That's until you walk into a mixed martial arts gym. They don't give a crap. In fact, if you get too mouthy it may be time for a lesson. Hendricks found out the hard way that you need to EARN respect in the MMA gym.

Watch Hendricks tell the story of being knocked out cold (3:10 mark):

Hendricks is part of Team Takedown, training out of Cobra Kai in Las Vegas, with the other two former OSU wrestlers. He also works on his striking and MMA skills at Xtreme Couture. Hendricks had just arrived on the scene after his wrestling career was finished and decided to go toe-to-toe with UFC veteran Tyson Griffin. Griffin took the high road and didn't snap. Phil Baroni isn't quite as nice.

Hendricks, who fights at welterweight (170 pounds), was instructed the next day to box Baroni, who generally walks around in excess of 200 pounds. "The New York Bad Ass" gave Hendricks a lesson he really doesn't remember but can't forget because people keep reminding him.

Hendricks is a quick learner and has come a long way with his hands. He scored a TKO victory his last time out against a good fighter in Justin Haskins. He's already 4-0 and is set for his second fight in WEC this Sunday against Alex Serdyukov in Corpus Christi.

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