Hector Lombard, Frank Trigg, Jamie Varner: The Morning News Roundup – 8.10.12

Jim Genia

Fighting injured.  When fighters' paychecks are contingent upon them getting into the cage and performing like trained monkey/gladiator/Rock'em  Sock'em Robot hybrids, we're going to get a lot of dudes who eschew proper medical care and healing for the sake of being able to make mortgage payments.  It's just a fact of life.  And it's made even more prevalent when you factor in the money promotions put into hyping those particular matchups and whatever emotion fans invest in those particular fighters.  All that amounts to a heck of a lot of pressure on those who might be injured.  If, by now, you've figured out that today's morning news roundup deals with someone having fought injured, you are correct!  Follow the jump to collect your prize!

  • According to former Bellator champ-turned-lukewarm UFC middleweight Hector Lombard, his recent Octagon debut at UFC 149 was tainted by a pre-existing injury.  What was holding him back?  A fractured sternum.  Yikes.  That's almost as bad as the time Tito Ortiz fought with a fractured skull, a ruptured disc, a torn ACL, rickets and Whooping Cough.  Anyway, Lombard ended up losing a lackluster split decision to Tim Boetsch, so yeah, sure, a busted sternum could do that.


  • Former UFC welterweight Frank Trigg was arrested on domestic violence charges in Las Vegas, N.V.  Details are sparse, but MMAFighting has ascertained that he's out on bond, and that this isn't the first time issues have arisen between Trigg and his estranged wife.  Double yikes.


  • Resurgent UFC lightweight Jamie Varner says he could've won his UFC on FOX 4 fight against Joe Lauzon (Lauzon won and both men got a fat Fight of the Night bonus), but it would've been boring if he'd gone that route and done what he'd needed to win.  Okay.  Thanks… I guess?


  • The matchup between B.J. Penn and up-and-coming star Rory MacDonald has allegedly been rescheduled for the UFC on FOX installment slated for December.  This is according to fighter-turned-TV personality Nate Quarry, who said this on MMA Uncensored on SpikeTV last night.  However, since I can't very well link to a TV show (Can I?  Can I plug my computer into my DVR?), here's BloodyElbow reiterating those very words.


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