Heavyweight phenom Duffee cut from the UFC

Our last UFC image of Todd Duffee, in the black shorts

Todd Duffee's career with the UFC lasted 12 minutes and 39 seconds. The heavyweight who shot into prominence after knocking out Tim Hague in seven seconds was cut from the UFC.

The 25-year-old couldn't sustain the meteoric rise that happened after he broke the UFC fastest knockout record. He suffered an injury before a scheduled bout with Paul Buentello at UFC 107. At UFC 114, Duffee beat up on Mike Russow for 2 1/2 rounds before Russow came back to land a perfect right, knocking Duffee out.

Sports Illustrated's Josh Gross reported that there were some problems between UFC president Dana White and Duffee, but that this is hardly the end of Duffee's MMA career. Duffee's manager Alex Davis said that Todd will continue to fight.

"It's unfortunate, but Todd's an asset and he will keep on fighting. He is a young kid and gets a lot of attention," Davis said.

Duffee's appeal to any MMA organization is clear. He's a young and exciting fighter who looks like he was the hero of a 1950s movie about truth, goodness and the American Way. Strikeforce is strongest at heavyweight, so he would be a natural fit there.

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