Heading into second decade of MMA, B.J. Penn wants more fights

When B.J. Penn steps in the cage to fight Frankie Edgar on Saturday night, it will be the 23rd time he's fought in a pro fight. He knows that he can't fight forever, so the "Prodigy" is starting to look at how to enjoy his life as a fighter while he can.

If he gets through Edgar and wins the lightweight belt back, Penn wants to fight as often as he can. From MMAjunkie.com:

"When I get past Frankie Edgar, I want to fight everybody," he said. "I'll fight the No. 1 contender all the way to the No. 15 contender. If no one's ready and they need more time to prepare for me, Dana, give me a welterweight fight. I don't care.

"I just want to fight. I can't do this forever."

At 31 years old, this is a smart move. He not only needs to fight -- and make money -- while he can, but fighting all-comers is also a way for him to cement his legacy. There is no doubt that Penn will be remembered as a pioneer of the UFC and an incredibly dominant champion. Jamming in as many fights as possible as his career nears its end will make Penn beloved.

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