Hazelett's motivation is three-fold

Generally making money and kicking ass is more than enough to drive the average mixed martial artist. Dustin Hazelett is cut from a different cloth. The 22-year Kentucky native wants to set a standard for submission experts, fight for the oppressed and get some new sponsors.

Yahoo! Sports caught up with Hazelett where he went in depth on the artistry of the submission, in particular the phenomenon of the omoplata:

"One of the beautiful things about jiu-jitsu is that you start working on concepts once you get past a certain point. You have to have your basic armbar, your basic triangle and your basic omoplata. Once you get those moves down you can start doing your own things. That's one of the things I love about jiu-jitsu because you take what works and do it."

Click below to listen to Hazelett interview (ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield and NBC's Mike Chiapetta):

Hazelett also said that as a fellow nerd-type, he felt bad beating Tamdan McCrory at UFC 91, because he knows what it was like being bullied as a kid growing up. "McLovin" touches on the future of "the beard" as well. UFC color analyst Joe Rogan went ballistic over Hazelett's Kimbo Slice-like facial hair at the UFC 91 weigh-in. Hazelett said that he is considering going with the Rollie Fingers-like handlebar mustache next time out if he can get some sponsor backing.

If you're a hardcore or just learning about the sport make sure you listen to Hazelett talk about the omoplata conceptually. He gives a nice explanation of why many fighters like the move and why some fans don't fully understand its finishing potential. The guy knows what he's talking about since he's raked in $105,000 in UFC Submission of the Night bonuses.

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