Hardy has bad teeth, Davis takes bad photos

Dan Hardy knows how to hype a fight. He immediately called out "The Irish Hand Grenade" Marcus Davis after his win at UFC 95. Davis has smashed several European fighters on U.K. soil. The Brit started calling Davis a liar saying that Davis, who is from Maine, really isn't Irish.

Then Davis claimed on Setanta's Ultimate Talk program last week that he was getting nasty emails from Hardy:

"He said some things making fun of me, like my website looks like St. Patrick's Day. Telling me that I better be training, I better be in good shape, that I need to learn how to speak so I can hype up the fight like he is."

Davis said he doesn't like Hardy's style and then popped Hardy with a stereotypical jab:

"I let my fighting do the hyping. I'm not going to do what he does. He's treating this like it's some WWF thing, running around with his mohawk and his bad teeth and telling everyone he's going to do this and do that to me."

Listen to Davis on Ultimate Talk (1:30 mark):

Michael Bisping, who was in studio, chimed in saying that the "bad teeth" comment was out of line. Davis then said that he saw Hardy face-to-face last week at Dana White's House of Pain party on St. Patrick's Day in Boston and got a glimpse of the ugly grill. Davis also went on to laugh at the fact that Hardy has been working on his boxing. The former pro boxer said there's no way Hardy can make up for his lack of experience.

Now Hardy has fired back requesting a photoshop contest on a British MMA forum with the photo above. Davis and Hardy will face off in Germany at UFC 99.

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