Hallman’s fashion faux pas prompts a dress code in the UFC

Maggie Hendricks

Despite the exciting main event and co-main event on Saturday night, the biggest story to come out of UFC 133 is that Dennis Hallman wore a tiny pair of shorts to fight Brian Ebersole. Hallman said that the shorts were the result of a lost bet, so he wasn't particularly proud to wear them, either.

Don't expect to see anything like those shorts again, as the UFC plans to ban such tiny trunks. The UFC checks fighters' attire before they fight, but there was never a formal dress code:

"We do now," White answered when asked if the UFC will have a dress code now. "You know what I thought we had? I thought we had some common sense. At least a little bit of common sense. That was a really bad moment, I was horrified by that."

Horrified? C'mon, Dana. We've seen fighters hold chokes long after a tap, fighters lick blood off their gloves, fighters throw sucker punches after the bell, a disgusting array of injuries, more blood than on a trauma room floor, and Steven Seagal celebrating with the sport's best. A little bit of leg is what horrifies you?

If that's true, you may want to stop your call for MMA to become an Olympic sport. Some of the biggest superstars of the Olympics also wear those tiny shorts to compete. Better steer clear of the Games, lest you risk being horrified again.

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