Guida wrecks Dos Anjos' jaw in win at UFC 117

Clay Guida's game may not possess anything outstanding but if you're not in there to fight 15 long, hard minutes don't bother showing up. Putting on an impressive kicking display in the first round, Rafael Dos Anjos looked like he was going to cruise to a win. But things were derailed by Guida's non-stop pace. Dos Anjos suffered a jaw injury along the way and when Guida got into a position where he could crank on his face, the Brazilian tapped out at 1:51 of the third round.

By making Dos Anjos chase him around the ring, Guida changed the fight in the second round. Dos Anjos got a little frustrated and swung wildly with a huge right. With 2:20 left in the round, Guida ducked under the shot and scored one of his vaunted takedowns. Guida grinded away on the ground and made Dos Anjos (14-5, 3-3 UFC) work to avoid getting into a dangerous position.

In the third, Dos Anjos looked completely tentative standing so attempted a takedown. Guida thwarted the attempted, got the clinch and scored a big slam. With Dos Anjos on his back, Guida worked for head and arm control against the cage. It didn't appear anything dangerous was locked on but Guida's shoulder was driving into Dos Anjos' face. The Brazilian couldn't take the pain any longer.

It was career win No. 7 for Guida, who is now 27-11 in his MMA career despite only being 28 years old. The younger Dos Anjos, 25, is one of the most improved fighters in the UFC but he ran into a cardio buzzsaw a little too early in his career.

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