Is GSP's cornerman Nurse believable?

The only guy in the "Grease-Gate" controversy who may be on the chopping block is Phil Nurse, the cornerman at UFC 94 who improperly applied Vaseline to Georges St. Pierre during his fight with B.J. Penn. He spoke for the first time in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission chalking it up as a mistake. He was simply trying to administer a breathing technique and stated repeatedly that there was no intent behind smearing Vaseline on GSP's back, shoulders and chest. Penn's lawyer Raffi Nahabedian said the "breathing technique" excuse was simply a red herring.

Watch Nurse try to explain his actions to the NSAC (1:07 mark):

Nurse did admit that after watching the video, his actions did look very bad but he wouldn't specify why it looked bad or go as far as saying it made him look like he was cheating. He also said what he was doing wasn't improper (5:00 mark). Nurse seemed to lay blame at the feet of the commission employees who worked the fight saying the inordinate amount of yelling simply confused him.

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