GSP smashes 270-pound NHL vet on the wrestling mat

Brains over brawn. Georges St. Pierre, one of the most cerebral fighters in all of mixed martial arts, has turned himself into one of, if not the most complete fighters in the world. A striker, coming from a karate background when he first entered the UFC, GSP honed his wrestling skills to the point where he may be the best MMA grappler in the world. So why would NHL veteran Georges Laraque call him out on the wrestling mat? We have no clue but now he knows it was a mistake.

LaRaque, who is listed at 6-foot-3, 253 pounds said weighs around 275 pounds. He had a weight advantage of 60-75 pounds but his power couldn't overcome GSP's technique and stamina.

"That's much harder than an NHL game or a hockey fight," Laraque told "Off the Record's" Michael Landsberg following the tilt. "It's unbelievable, I couldn't imagine fighting someone my own size."

Laraque said he felt like the weaker man.

"For his size, he's stronger than me."

St. Pierre scored at least six takedowns over three rounds while Laraque never threatened. The former Oiler, Penguin, Coyote and Canadian was also breathing heavily in the match.

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