GSP shows that it's good to be (the rather drunk) king

What do you do the day after successfully defending the UFC welterweight title? Let's take a peek into Georges St. Pierre's Sunday.

"I went at a pool party at Rehab with all my friends who came to support me ... I drank so much that I forgot my whole name."

"It was very cool because at one time, Thiago Alves showed up with his entourage and came in my cabana, drinking with me and congratulating me for the fight. I thought he was a class act and that proved that he was a real professional athlete and a real good person and a gentleman. I really appreciated it, he’s a great fighter and also a great gentleman, and we had a good time drinking together."

"Shonie Carter came a little bit later with a gold speedo and a hat and a cane dressed like a pimp with his cane. He make us laugh very much and as always me and Shonie had a great time because Shonie is a good old friend of mine."

"When I got on the plane … I think I was still drunk. The flight went very well. People who know me know that I can’t sleep on the plane, because I'm always afraid of flying, but the fact that I was drunk helped me out controlling my fear. I watched the movie Shawshank Redemption - it’s very, very good."

So, there you have it. GSP shows how to enjoy his championship without waving a finger at his opponents, flipping off fans or ticking off a sponsor. He shows it's better to hang out at a pool, drink with the guy you just pummeled, have gorgeous women hang all over you, and enjoy the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman. Brock, LEARN.

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