GSP, Mark Hunt, Nick Diaz: Where did they fall on the hot or not list?

Maggie Hendricks

In a week that will end with a longheld grudge match at UFC 158, who showed up as the week's hottest?

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Hot — Mark Hunt: The heavyweight went from being disappointed last week that he didn't get a bout with Junior dos Santos to getting that bout, and a possible title shot with a win.

Not — TRT users in the UFC: Some fighters get exemptions for use of testosterone therapy in the UFC, but UFC president Dana White wants that to end quickly. Viewing the therapy as a form of cheating, White has vowed to reform it.

"If you put in a TRT exemption, we’re going to make sure you’re not using this much TRT and then showing up with this much," White said at the UFC 158 press conference. "So what that does is, the guys who do that, that are on TRT, their training camp is a lot easier than the guy who’s all natural. The bangs, the injuries, all the s--- that goes on, they’re recovering 10 times faster than the guy who’s not doing it. So we’re going to f---ing test these guys and make sure that’s not happening until TRT exemptions don’t happen anymore."

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Hot — Maximum Fighting Championship: Want to make sure people pay attention to your fights? Put two brothers in the cage against each other. The Canadian promotion will have brothers fight each other in what's believed to be the first time in MMA.

Not — Matt Riddle: He was cut by the UFC last week after a second positive test for marijuana after a fight. After his release, Riddle said the UFC is just looking to get rid of wrestlers and he wouldn't come back even if the UFC asked. White's response?

"He said if he was asked to get back in the UFC, he wouldn't come back. So yeah. I'll make it real easy for him. We just won't ask him. How's that?"

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Still taking temperature — Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre: Both fighters' tempers are hot right now. Diaz thinks St-Pierre is on steroids. St-Pierre spent most of the UFC 158 press conference being antagonized by Diaz. They'll get to take their frustrations out on each other on Saturday night, and we'll see who is truly hot.

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