GSP greaser as bad as Margarito trainer says White

The chatter about "Grease-Gate" may have slowed in anticipation of a ruling by the Nevada State Athletic Commission but that doesn't mean UFC president Dana White isn't still fuming about the incident. White feels like it's taken away from the fight and believes Georges St. Pierre cornerman Phil Nurse was absolutely trying to cheat.

"You can't do that. It's no different than (Antonio) Margarito. You put another fighter at a huge disadvantage which is very dangerous," White told Neil Davidson from the Canadian Press. "I think he was (cheating). I think he absolutely positively knew that he was rubbing grease on him."

White is referencing Margarito's trainer Javier Capetillo who was caught loading the boxer's hand wrap with cement pads before his fight against Shane Mosley. White doesn't buy the notion that Nurse had some Vaseline on his hands and it was wiped away by the time he touched GSP's shoulders, chest, arms and back:

"I've been in the business so long you bump into people like (cutman Jacob) "Stitch" Duran. Everybody shakes your hand. When they shake your hand with Vaseline on it, that (expletive) is on your hands until you wash your hands with soap."

Listen to Neil Davidson talk "Grease-Gate" at UFC 95:

White says the win over B.J. Penn is tainted:

"It sucks. He didn't have to (expletive) do it. Georges St. Pierre was winning the fight. To have a fight or a fighter like Georges St. Pierre tainted over (expletive) stupidity. I hate it."

Capetillo was suspended for a year and so was Margarito by the California State Athletic Commission. White said Nurse did the same thing but did he really mean it? It sounds like he wants a severe penalty for Nurse but if it's the same as the Margarito case, shouldn't GSP be held responsible too? It's hard to believe that a fighter doesn't know he's being greased. Will the NSAC give St. Pierre the Margarito treatment?

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