The Grinchiest MMA Christmas wish list ever


This is the time of year we think about gifting and re-gifting for those closest to us. That includes our favorites characters in the world of mixed martial arts.

We choose to re-gift. Bleacher Report's Brian Hiergesell did a dynamite job of coming up with great gift ideas, but with an absolutely snarky tone.

Our favorites were:

12. Michael McDonald - A Time Machine
At this point in his career, Michael McDonald has enough talent and an awesome gift of raw power to win the UFC bantamweight title. The only problem?  He's 20 years old.

Unbelievable, right?

McDonald is one of the only guys at 135 lbs. that can knock out his opponents at such a small weight.  If he had his chance at using a time machine, he'd be able to bypass the useless fights over the next year and wormhole his way to a title shot against Dominick Cruz.

11. Roy Nelson - A KFC Bucket

Roy Nelson probably eats so much food on Christmas Day, it's ridiculous.

I'm talking roast beef, steak, potatoes, yams, corn, the whole nine.  But can you blame him?

It clearly doesn't affect his Octagon skills.  Nelson would be just as good, and he is, if he weighed 180 lbs. compared to his usual 265. No matter what the critics say, the belly is here to stay.

5. Jon Jones - A Weakness

I don't think so.  A victory over Overeem would launch Lesnar back into title contention in the heavyweight division and dispel any concerns people have about his recovery from diverticulitis. I realize their fight comes on the eve of New Year's Eve, but how great would it be to see Lesnar step into the Octagon, land a couple of rights, and put Overeem to sleep?

I'm thinking somebody needs to get Jon Jones a weakness for Christmas.  The guy is too good.

3. Brock Lesnar - An Alistair Overeem nap

Is there a more perfect gift for Brock Lesnar this Christmas than an Alistair Overeem snooze?

Apparently Brian isn't a big fan of Overeem, but that's the joy of prepping for UFC 141. Lesnar is the most polarizing guy in the sport and there are plenty of Overeem critics. So pick your poison. It's a win-win for the fans and a helluva late Christmas gift from the UFC.

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