Griffin interview: Hand is fine, now it's time to battle various fungi

At times, he's a pretty gregarious dude but right now Forrest Griffin is the last guy you want to shake hands with but it has nothing to do with his broken left hand. The hand now surgically loaded with some titanium is fine but the staph infection crawling all over his body is gross:

"It's golden, better than ever," Griffin said about the left hand. "It really doesn't bother me at all. It hurt one time when I was wrestling, taking a guy down."

Griffin said he was little sluggish the last few weeks because of all the anti-biotics he's taken to fight the staph. It's a dangerous infection in the fight world. Dana White claimed Antonio Nogueira was ravaged by the infection before his loss to Frank Mir. The same goes for Diego Sanchez before his fight with Josh Koscheck. Sanchez had a hole the size of a coffee cup develop on his leg.

Watch Cage Writer with Griffin as he discusses his comeback at UFC 101:

Griffin said he hasn't done any research yet on Thiago Silva. He's working his way back into shape for the August battle in Philadelphia. Currently, he is slightly above the light heavyweight limit of 205 pounds. Any guesses? Griffin said he's closer to the heavyweight limit of 265 than he is to the light heavy limit.

He also discussed the lack of respect fans and media have for the division's champ Rashad Evans. The challenger Lyoto Machida is nearly a 2-to-1 favorite for that battle at UFC 98.