Greg Jackson: 'Jon Jones has courage'

Elias Cepeda
Coach Greg Jackson said that his fighter Jon Jones [L] has plenty of courage (Getty)

Jon Jones

Coach Greg Jackson said that his fighter Jon Jones [L] has plenty of courage (Getty)

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones may want to fight Daniel Cormier next instead of rematching Alexander Gustafsson but the fighter's head coach, Greg Jackson, doesn't have a preference. "If we fight Cormier, he's super tough. Gustafsson is super tough. Wherever the coin lands on that, it doesn't really matter to me," Jackson recently told ESPN.

Jackson also unsurprisingly defended his pupil. Jones has faced a lot of direct and indirect criticism from fans and the UFC itself for not wanting to fight Gustafsson this August but Jackson said that the champ does not have a courage problem.


"I've never heard him say, 'I'll never fight Gustafsson again. I'm scared.' I've never seen that from him at all," Jackson said.

"I don't really think courage is a problem for Jon Jones. He goes up against the best guys in the division." "It might be a career move."

Jackson went on to say that he could see how a win over a new opponent in Cormier, might strengthen Jones' legacy more than rematching Gustafsson - whom he won a controversial decision over last fall.

"He already beat Gustafsson," Jackson said.

"Maybe he's looking for a challenge and doesn't feel that Gustafsson is the challenge everybody else thinks he is. I honestly don't know, but it could be that Cormier would escalate his greatness more than someone he has already beaten."

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