'Grease-Gate' XXXIII: Penn talks KenFlo tip, calls GSP a roider

Some people thrive on conflict and angst. Is has to be why B.J. Penn continues to throw fresh coals into the stove to stoke the "Grease-Gate" fire. Now not only is Georges St. Pierre and his camp being smeared, Penn has turned his attention to Kenny Florian, who just happens to be his next opponent.

Penn, the UFC lightweight champ, doesn't seem too pleased to find out that Florian will train for his lightweight title shot against "The Prodigy" with GSP in Montreal. Penn said on his radio show that Florian is a turncoat:

"Oh, that's funny, he's going to tristar? He's the who who tipped us off that GSP was going to be greasing," said Penn. "He actually emailed me and tipped me off."

Florian, who is also a member of the MMA media with his spot on ESPN's MMA live show, denied the accusations:

"I don't even know BJ's email. How or why would I send that information?"

Penn's latest video tries to clarify the email statement:

"Kenny if you're going to call me a liar on stuff I'm going to call you out. You're right it was not an email, you texted someone in the camp and told them that GSP is a big roider and big greaser to watch out for him. Kenny, I'm just calling a spade a spade."

Click here to watch at BJPenn.com:

Penn says plenty of witnesses saw the alleged text including Penn's boxing coach Jason Parillo. That's pretty serious stuff. Now it's gone from greasing to St. Pierre is the ARod of the UFC. Do you believe Penn or is this just more drama to hype his next fight?

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