Gray Maynard pulls out a split decision over Roger Huerta

In close fight that could have gone either way, Gray Maynard beat Roger Huerta in a split decision, with two judges scoring the fight 30-27 for Maynard, and one calling it 29-28 for Huerta. With that, Huerta moves on from the UFC to try a career in acting, while Maynard moves closer to the top of the lightweight division.

Huerta stalked Maynard around the cage for much of the first round, finally landing some punches in the final minute and a half of the first round. Huerta was able to stifle Maynard's takedown attempts in round one, as well.

In the second, Maynard landed a few strong shots on Huerta, including one that knocked "El Matador" down for a second. However, Huerta was the aggressor, throwing more combinations and backing Maynard up.

Huerta continued to pus the pace as the third roud started. Maynard finally got a takedown, and tried to control Huera throughout the third. Maynard attempted a kimura that was downright gruesome, as he bent Huerta's arm back in a way that arms don't go. Huerta survived until the two stalemated and were stood up by referee Dan Miragliotta.

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