Gono gets 'Dance Routine of the Night' but still loses to Fitch

Akihiro Gono can put on show, unfortunately most of his pizazz has been outside the cage during his time with the UFC. Tonight, he and his cornermen came out wearing evening gowns and wigs. Gono and The Japanese Supremes did two lovely dance routines on their way out to the cage. Paula Abdul must've been beaming back in the locker room as they followed the choreography perfectly. In the cage, things weren't so nice for Gono. He was dominated by Jon Fitch. Fitch took him down at will. He took his back in both the first and second rounds.

Fitch cruised to a unanimous decision win, 30-27, 30-27, 30-26. Gono looked completely gassed in the third. Maybe the dance routine was a bad idea.

All of the real awards/bonuses are up for grabs. There wasn't a knockout or submission during the undercard fights. The only Fight of the Night candidate could be John Howard's win over Chris Wilson.

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