Glover Teixeira gets quick win at UFC 160 in front of his hero, Mike Tyson

Maggie Hendricks

Glover Teixeira had two thrills on Saturday at UFC 160 in Las Vegas. Not only did he win with a submission in the first round of his bout with James Te Huna, but he was also congratulated by his hero, boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Teixeira fought the exact fight he wanted to. Early in the first round, he took Te Huna down, kept him on the ground, and worked a perfect guillotine. Te Huna tapped at 2:38 in the first round, and Tyson stood and cheered for Teixeira.

Secondly, after the fight was called for Teixeira, Tyson was in the cage with UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, who is one of Teixeira's training partners. He congratulated Teixeira and shook his hand. The fighter who was ferocious just moments before morphed into an awestruck 12-year-old who was so excited to meet his hero.

"I couldn't be happier! Mike Tyson is here!" Teixeira said to UFC commentator Joe Rogan after the bout. Rogan asked Teixeira if he was more excited that he won, or that Tyson was there to watch it.

"I don't know. I met him yesterday, and I was so excited. I said I was going to be like him! I watched his highlights before I fought."

Teixeira is becoming a hero, too, as he continues an impressive run in the UFC's stacked light heavyweight division. The win over Te Huna was his 19th straight, including four in a row in the UFC.

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