Glover Teixeira - 'Jones has to worry about me.'

Elias Cepeda
Glover Teixeira - 'Jones has to worry about me.'
Glover Teixeira - 'Jones has to worry about me.'

Despite his owning a twenty fight win-streak and going unbeaten since 2005, not many pundits are giving Glover Teixeira much of a chance to dethrone UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones when they face off in Baltimore, April 26th. The Chuck Liddell protege, however, himself feels like the favorite heading into the big bout.

"I have the power to beat him," he recently told Inside MMA (video below).

"I have to believe that my skills will work against his skills."

Glover went on to say that he hasn't spent much effort finding sparring partners who could imitate the rangy and dynamic Jones because, well, the Brazilian simply isn't all that worried about what the champ can do to him. "I don't really worry about him," Teixeira claimed.

"In my mind, man, he has to worry about what I'm going to do to him...I believe that April 26th, I'm going to go over there and knock this guy out."

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