Gina Carano interview: Shy superstar finds dating difficult

Like a hibernating bear, Gina Carano has emerged from a winter slumber. She was hanging out this weekend at The Fight Expo in San Diego. Cage Writer made sure to delve into all the important issues: dating, her wardrobe and if she went into seclusion with her buddy, psycho female fighter Tonya Evinger.

Watch Carano talk about her infamous "worm" photos (2:20 mark):

There's nothing at all pervish about knowing every outfit Ms. Carano wears in public, is there? For those unfamiliar with MMA's biggest female name and her internet fame, she was the rage of the web in early November when photos emerged of Carano partying with the lesbian Evinger.

Carano has been out of the spotlight since EliteXC went under in November. She still doesn't understand why her popularity is so immense:

"It's just a funny position for someone to be in, who's not that outward. I think are probably a lot of actors or people that are in the spotlight, that don't know how come they're there. So they're a little bit shy."

Carano worked with The Make A Wish Foundation during The Fight Expo escorting a group of teens around for much of the day. We did talk fighting. Join us for Part 2 of the conversation tomorrow.

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