Georges Lucas’ daughter wins, celebrates with Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers

Maggie Hendricks

Amanda Lucas, the daughter of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, won again in Japan this weekend. She beat up on Yumiko Hotta for two and a half rounds before submitting her with a keylock. With that win, she claimed the DEEP open-weight women's championship and improved her record to 4-1.

A record like that proves the force is strong with her. Darth Vader approved, and even showed up to celebrate. Skip to the 15-minute mark to see Lucas finish Hotta, and like he did in Cloud City, Vader just appears. At the 20-minute mark, he gives his clenched fist of approval, and then poses like a proud papa with Lucas in the final minute of the video.

Lucas had three straight submission wins in DEEP. She trains at Cesar Gracie Academy, the home of Nick and Nate Diaz and Jake Shields, as well as with Gilbert Melendez's Skrap Pack. Perhaps Vader can stop by at Cesar Gracie's and teach the no-hands, force-choke that served him so well as he ruled the galaxy.

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