George Lucas’ daughter wins by submission in Japan

Maggie Hendricks

The force was with Amanda Lucas as she won her second MMA bout, a submission over Hikaru Shinohara at DEEP 55 in Japan. Lucas, the daughter of "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, won with an armbar in the first round.

Former Strikeforce fighter Roxanne Modafferi was on hand for the bout, and shared how the fight went down on her blog:

She pretty much creamed Hikaru Shinohara. She mounted her and the Japanese girl could totally not move. Lucas was just hitting her and hitting her over and over, but she didn't put her full body weight into it, so it wasn't doing a lot of damage. Hikaru was defending her jaw area, so the punches bounced off her forehead and temple. That's probably why the Japanese ref, who are notorious for stopping fights early, let it go on. Finally Amanda realized that the fight wasn't gonna get stopped, so she transitioned to a beautiful arm bar. It was FULLY extended, but the Japanese fighter wasn't tapping. Her cornerman threw the towel- rightfully so, but she was so upset that stalked back to her corner and punched him as hard as she could. I'm told that he got a black eye.

That's enough drama for George Lucas to create a whole new series. A cornerman stopping a fight only to be rewarded with a punch? That's worth at least a subplot in his next film.

Amanda was supposed to fight in Oklahoma in April, but her bout was scrapped at the last minute. She has been training at Fairtex, Cesar Gracie Academy and with Gilbert Melendez's Skrap Pack.

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