Gatorade says you should never fight Georges St. Pierre

As much press as Brock Lesnar, the UFC's heavyweight champ, has gotten in the past week, it's the welterweight champ, Georges St. Pierre, who is on the path to be a househould name. He already is in his home country of Canada, where the above Gatorade commercial aired.

This ad cautions all comers from taking on GSP. Somewhere, Thiago Alves and his battered face nod in agreement, yet plenty of people want to take on GSP. Martin Kampmann and Mike Swick are fighting for that very privilege. The good news is that the groin injury that bothered GSP in his win over Alves doesn't need surgical repair, but he is still on medical suspension until a doctor clears him.

But if the winner of Swick/Kampmann fails to wrest the belt from GSP's waist, who is next? Who else should laugh at this ad, take a swig of Gatorade and then prepare to fight St. Pierre? In a perfect world, who would you have fight GSP next?

Thanks to Fight! Magazine

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