Garcia and Jung beat each other up, then head to Denny's

When a fight is over, the two fighters often embrace and congratulate each other on a hard-fought battle. Occassionally, they throw a punch after the bell or jump a fighter silly enough to walk into their cage.

Sometimes, they head to Denny's to enjoy some Moons Over My Hammy.

That's what Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung did after their epic bout at WEC: Aldo vs. Faber.

The truth is, we went to the hospital together and then we went and ate at Denny's together. Then we met again the next day. His family that was down there wanted to meet me, and we also exchanged shirts. That, to me, is the epitome of fighting. That's what makes me want to do it so much. That's what makes all the pain and the hurting sort of go away.

Garcia and Jung's fight was ridiculously fun to watch. True, it wasn't as technically strong as I usually like fights to be, but it was clear that both fighters were laying it all on the line. Neither held anything back, and afterwards, they had no problem chilling out over some hash browns.

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