Garcia was so desperate he was ready to bite Brown

It's got to be a helpless feeling when you're caught in a jiu-jitsu-style choke. Leonard Garcia got pounded unmercifully for 90 seconds and then found himself quickly losing air inside a Mike Brown arm-triangle choke:

"I had recovered, gained composure and saw where I was at," Garcia told "I was so amped up by the crowd, cause I had recovered, so I tried to just jump up. I got caught in the arm-head choke. It was so tight, I thought about biting him."

Garcia did not stoop to that level and had to tap seconds later. In a video, he said that he was heartbroken and made the mistake of not respecting Brown's big right hand. It was an overhand right, 18 seconds into the fight that started Garcia's downward spiral. also has postfight video with Jose Aldo, who was an easy winner against Chris Mickle. The 22-year-old Aldo (15-1) said he's shooting for the top of the featherweight division.