Freddie Roach says Josh Koscheck is going to get KO'd

More and more, MMA fighters are seeking the advice of legitimate boxing trainers like Freddie Roach. Georges St. Pierre has aggressively pursued the opportunity to work with Manny Pacquiao's trainer. That includes making sure that he stopped by to see "Pac-Man" and Roach during a trip the Philippines.

Roach got to work about eight rounds on the mits with GSP and said his hands are coming along nicely. It's got to be pretty humbling for an MMA fighter to take a step back after they're told that their boxing really isn't up to snuff. Remember GSP is the same guy who's battered several opponents on the feet in the past. Roach said St. Pierre still needs to loosen up and then his speed will come with it.

Roach did indicate that GSP is way ahead of his opponent next week at UFC 124, Josh Koscheck, saying the former wrestler has a major flaw in his striking game.

"Koscheck, he jumps in from far away," Roach told Marcos Villegas of "I told him to not pull away from that and beat that on the counter. I told him, 'I think you'll knock him out with the left hook in that fight.'"

It's unique to hear a trainer reveal part of a fighter's gameplan. Roach said it doesn't matter.

"I can take that public because (Koscheck) can't stop from doing it, because that's one of his habits," said Roach.

St. Pierre wanted Roach to work his corner in Montreal on Dec. 11. Roach is interested in doing so in the future but next weekend, he's already booked to corner Amir Khan against Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas.

Make sure you note the story of GSP visiting Pac-Man's camp in the Philippines (2:30 mark). St. Pierre is becoming a pretty big star in the sports world yet he was hesitant about even walking into the gym to see Pacquiao.

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