Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson II is on

Maggie Hendricks

According to Dana White's Twitter feed, the muddled mess that is the lightweight title picture has been cleared up. After Edgar lost his championship belt in a decision to Benson Henderson at UFC 144, Edgar will rematch with current champ Henderson this summer. An exact date or event was not given, but the UFC has planned events for a pay-per-view July 7 and a Fox show on August 4.

Anthony Pettis and the winner of the upcoming bout between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller have been mentioned as possible contender, but Edgar is the winner. He pushed for the rematch in every interview that came his way. Edgar believed he deserved the fight because he had to rematch close fights twice.

But as Snoop Pearson said, "Deserve got nuthin' to do with it." The fight is good business. Edgar and Henderson's first fight was an exciting, five-round brawl. The rematch will draw more fans who heard about the first match-up. Whether it's on Fox or pay-per-view, a lightweight title bout will offer good TV.

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