'Franken-ear' Thompson starts near riot in Montreal

The resume of freak shows just gets deeper for heavyweight fighter James Thompson. Thompson's ear became a punchline for those unfamiliar with mixed martial arts after he was knocked out by Kimbo Slice last May on CBS. His pus and blood-filled ear exploded during the fight and was the focus of the card for many of the talking heads on ESPN and even more newspaper columnists around the country.

Thank god, this weekend's incident happened in Montreal. Georges St. Pierre's former manager Stephane Patry tried to put together a new fight promotion called Strike Box. The idea is MMA without the ground work. Unfortunately, the athletic commission wouldn't agree to allow those rules to be in place in time for the fights so all the fighters agreed to fight under the Strike Box rules even though technically MMA rules were in place. Every fighter on the undercard followed the "agreed upon" rules until Thompson stepped into the cage against former hockey player and mixed martial artist Steve Bosse.

Thompson immediately went for the takedown and pounded away at Bosse. Folks around the cage started to flip out and the crowd began to throw beers into the ring. A chair was tossed in and the fight was stopped when Bosse threw a beer can at Thompson.

Thompson sounds like he was the only one who misunderstood the agreed upon rules:

"Patry was trying to be sneaky. There was no clarity on the rules. If there was a gentleman’s agreement made or something of that nature, it would be a different story. I was not about to let another Kimbo situation happen where the promoter is siding with my opponent"

Here is video from the crowd's vantage point.

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