Frank Mir says Alistair Overeem has little chance of staying on his feet against Brock Lesnar


When fellow fighters can't decide how a big tilt is going to shake out, you've got something big on the horizon.

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal says Alistair Overeem has a solid shot of stopping Brock Lesnar's powerful takedowns. Frank Mir, a former opponent of Lesnar, says Overeem will be like a fish out of water at UFC 141 this Friday in Las Vegas.

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If Overeem sprawls or tries to knee, it'll do him no good.

"Brock doesn't shoot that low. He'll put his forehead in your chest, and he's going to run you through. If he's not able to take you down with that initial blast, he's going to run you against the cage," Mir told "The MMA Insiders" on ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas. "Then he's going to rip your legs out from under you. Now, you should have gotten taken down in the middle of the area, but instead, you've been taken down against the cage [where it is more dangerous]. Speaking from experience, that sucks."

Mir, was a state champion high school wrestler in Nevada. He was helpless on the ground, crunched against the cage. Overeem is about the same size as Mir. Is he stronger, with better technique? We may find out Friday night.

"Now, you have a guy who is not a black belt in jiu-jitsu and who is not a wrestling All-American who is going to be able to get back to his feet, so what does he do?" Mir said.

Mir said Overeem's background indicates little to say that he'll get back to his feet. He also worries about all the extra mass Overeem has added over the years.

"Are you going to try to tell me he's going to wrestle with a national champion wrestler for five minutes? His cardio is going to suck [after wrestling with Lesnar for a while]. I've seen guys with muscles like that, and that's why he slows down," said Mir.

Overeem has to catch Lesnar in the first 90 seconds or he's got little shot.

Not only did Mir question Overeem's chances to survive grappling, but he's not overly impressed with the guy that some say is the best striker in the heavyweight division. Lesnar may even do some damage standing. Mir pointed out that Overeem was hit a lot in his fight against Fabricio Werdum and tired badly half way through the fight.

Quotes via Kevin Iole

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