Frank Mir on Brock Lesnar, Miguel Torres and WEC 42

Just weeks after his second-round loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 100, Frank Mir thinks that he didn't go about things the right way.

"I think I should respected the wrestling a little bit more. I really was under the impression that we would fight on our feet a little bit better. I thought he would avoid the ground with me and want to knock me out."

"The times we were on our feet, I was more successful, but the bad news was that we were only on our feet for about 15 seconds in the round and a half that we fought. I got pretty much owned on the ground. I need to work more wrestling, and I also need to put on a little bit more size. I think 245 was a good weight as far as maybe everybody else in the heavyweight division, but fighting Brock, there was too much of a size difference, due to the fact that he had great technique also."

"It wasn't just because of his size that he was able to nullify my technique, but he used his size. He knew how to position his hips, and block my hips, and hold my arm. He did things that I didn't really expect because of his reach. I think I went in with too much of a gameplan, and I wanted it to go one way, and I tried to force it that way."

But Mir isn't looking back at the loss to Lesnar any more. Instead, he is looking forward to working his other job, cageside announcer for the WEC. In particular, he is excited to see, in Mir's opinion, the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Miguel Torres.

"I don't think there is anyone in the world who can beat Miguel Torres at a guts and blood battle because he is so technical, but at the same time, he is so vicious. He loves those fights where he's bleeding, you're bleeding, you're trying to kill each other, you're trying to break his ankle, he'll break your ankle. He's such a fierce fighting spirit that if you call that out at him, you're awakening the sleeping giant. It's almost better not to put him in a war."

Biased for Torres?

After the last Torres fight, a five-round decision over Takeya Mizugaki, Mir was criticized for favoring his friend, Torres, while commentating on the fight. Mir acknowledges the criticism, but he doesn't believe it's warranted. To Mir, the fight was always Torres' to lose.

"All of the judges had Miguel winning going into the fifth round. Miguel did not do what a lot of other champions do, which is go into a late round and sit on a lead. He could have bloodied his face up with a few jabs, and avoided the inside game, and would have won the round and won the fight with no risk to his title. But what he did was come forward. He came forward to viciously destroy Mizugaki in a way that I don't see a lot of other champions doing."

Torres-Bowles isn't the only fight Mir is excited about for WEC 42. He is also looking forward to the bout that will likely set up the next challenge for the bantamweight belt.

"I'm excited about Dominick Cruz and Joseph Benavidez, because the winner will be fighting for the title. Joseph Benavidez has such an unorthodox fighting style. I think sometimes he gets the wrong impression, it's not that I'm dissing his style, it's just that technically, I would tell people, 'No, you don't throw a punch of your back foot,' he does it over and over again, but to great success. I think some people made the same statements about Lyoto Machida, myself included. He's doing things that shouldn't work, and he's the undefeated light heavyweight champion"

"Dominick Cruz, I love his style. His standup is a little more classical, as far as phenomenal angles, and good foot work, and phenomenal pace. Both these guys are some of the hardest workers in the bantamweight class, so I'm really excited about that fight."

There is actually not a fight on the entire WEC card that Mir isn't excited about. He rattled through the entire card, knowing the intricacies of each fighter in the WEC. Even on the the undercard, he said he can't wait to see Marcus Hicks take on Shane Roller in what he called "the battle of the guillotines." Mir's enthusiasm, technical knowledge and the fact that he knows the fighters well make him one of the more interesting MMA announcers around. We'll see on Sunday, August 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Versus if he can keep the bias in check.

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