Fracas breaks out after Bellator bout

Maggie Hendricks

Andreas Spang had an exciting win at Bellator on Friday night, but what will be remembered is how he acted afterwards.

Spang was rocked in the second round by Brian Rogers in the Bellator middleweight tournament semifinal, but he came back to knock Rogers out with a left hook. Rogers fell to the canvas like a tree being cut down. After the fight was stopped, Spang jumped to the top of the cage and flipped two middle fingers to the Cleveland crowd, who was behind the Ohio-based Rogers.

After his arm was raised for the win, Bellator brought Maiquel Falcao in the cage to face off with Spang. Falcao win his tournament semifinal in a decision earlier in the evening. When they faced off, Spang pushed him. Falcao responded with a knee to Spang's body, but clearly pulled a punch and didn't hit Spang before they were separated. Falcao charged back towards Spang, but was stopped by his coaches and Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith. Both men were ushered out of the cage without any further incident.

According to the Detroit News' Matt Bishop, Ohio Athletic Commissioner Bernie Profato immediately "read Spang the riot act" after the bout. This isn't the first time he pushed an opponent while not in a fight. During Thursday's weigh-ins, he pushed Rogers as they faced off.

UPDATE: Bishop reports that Profato has given Spang the option of a $500 fine and a six-month suspension, which would take him out of the middleweight tournament final, or 20 percent of his purse now. If Spang crosses the line again, the six-month suspension will be added on.

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