FOX News picking up on MMA's New York battle

Do-gooder Bob Reilly is fighting the masses in the state of New York. But it looks like the New York Assemblyman's push may be in trouble according to Rick Leventhal from FoxNews. There is simply too much money and common sense out there to continue the state ban on mixed martial arts.

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It's amazing how government officials are so vehemently against something they know nothing about:

"I'll express ignorance of this sport, but after Bob described what a vicious sport it was, it was voted down by everybody on the committee," said Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, D-Niagara Falls.

Reilly has pretty much criticized anyone who watches, trains in or participates in the sport:

"The people who are drawn to mixed martial arts are attracted by the brutality of it, which goes above and beyond what you see in boxing. It seems, to me, beyond logic that we in the state legislature would consistently pass laws against physical abuse and physical intimidation, everything from domestic abuse to bullying in schools, and then allow this stuff. We should not be encouraging the glorification of this kind of violence."

Maggie Hendricks put it perfectly -- don't expect Reilly, or anyone on his committee, to become huge fans of the sport. But it's not too much to expect that an elected official would not spout off about the sport, and then vote against it, with such willful ignorance.

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