Four questions that will be answered by UFC Macau

Maggie Hendricks

The UFC heads to Macau for fights headlined by Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le. Here's what you need to know before you tune in bright and early on Saturday morning.

Does Rich Franklin have another big fight left in his tank? It's been six years since Franklin had the UFC championship belt around his waist. He isn't likely to make another run at the belt any time soon, but the 38-year-old can show if still is the kind of fighter who can thrill crowds.

Will fans get up to watch the fights? American sports fans aren't beyond waking up early for sports. It happens for the Olympics, for football, and for soccer. Fight fans have woken up fights in Japan for years. However, the UFC doesn't ask fans to wake up early, so these fights will show if fans are willing to get up early.

How the UFC has taken hold in Asia, outside Japan? The UFC did well in Japan in February, but that's a part of the world where mixed martial arts had already taken hold. In Macau, the fights are a short flight away from billions of potential fans, but they'll show on Saturday if the fans thought the fights were worth it.

How you will like the new Octagon Girls? The UFC hired new Octagon Girls from Asia for the fights, and I figured you might like to see them.

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