Four questions that will be answered by UFC 156

Maggie Hendricks

UFC 156 is the UFC's annual Super Bowl weekend card, and as usual, it's a big one. A former champion will drop down to try to win a belt in a new weight class, a Strikeforce champion will try to win a shot at the UFC heavyweight belt, and these questions will be answered.

What have the layoff and injuries done to Jose Aldo? By the time he walks into the cage on Saturday night, it will have been 385 days between Aldo's fights. He had several injuries and had bouts canceled twice. It's hard to say if we'll see the invincible Aldo who fought Chad Mendes last January.

How does the new weight class suit Frankie Edgar? Since starting as a lightweight, Edgar has had doubters because he was on the small side for 155 lbs. It worked for him, as he did win and defend the UFC lightweight championship. Now that he's lost it, he's trying again for the belt at 145 lbs. Will the new weight class fit him even better than lightweight did?

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Did Alistair Overeem look past Antonio Silva? At the pre-fight press conference, Overeem called the bout with Silva a warm-up fight.

"Obviously I've not fought for 13 months, so it's going to be a good test for me," Overeem said. "I should not overlook 'Bigfoot' Silva, but if I look at my training and what I do to my sparring partners, I should not make 'Bigfoot' Silva more than he is. He should not be a problem, but that's why it's a warm-up fight."

That's dangerous ground to tread, as looking past the man who is about to punch you makes it lightly you'll get knocked out. Overeem should beat Silva, but the one way he can lose is to not take Silva seriously.

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Can Jon Fitch use his wrestling to neutralize Demian Maia? You may not like to watch Fitch's matches. You may have used the words "lay and pray." But you cannot deny Fitch's ability to use his wrestling to hold off opponent's strengths. This time, he'll be using it against Maia, whose submissions and jiu-jitsu are tough to beat. This is Fitch's chance to show he can hold off even the best ground games.

What are you most looking forward to for UFC 156 -- or are you not looking forward to it at all? Speak up in the comments, Facebook or Twitter.

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