The four biggest moments from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Maggie Hendricks

If you missed Tuesday night's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," read on to find out about who is dividing the house, at what sport Chael Sonnen beat Jon Jones, and who scored a brilliant knockout.

By the hammer of Tor: The fighters made Tor Troeng, the Swedish fighter on Team Sonnen, a hammer out of foam rollers. It instantly reminded me of "Adventures in Babysitting" and, "Take it back, Brad! Take back what you said about Thor!" Oh, that's just me?

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Uriah Hall feeling divided from his team: It started when Hall and Luke Barnatt were in sparring practice. Barnatt thought Hall threw too hard. Barnatt complained about Hall's attitude. Later, Hall mentioned who he would like to fight on his own team and it all snowballed from there. Hall is now our villain of he season.

We're gonna bo-ow-ow-l tonight: While out for a night of bowling with the fighters, Chael Sonnen threw a challenge down at Jon Jones. Bowl three frames, and the loser has to wear the winner's team jersey at a training session. Well, Jones is a great fighter, but he is not a good bowler. Sonnen beat him, and Jones ran out of the bowling alley, Forrest Griffin-style.

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Josh Samman vs. Tor Troeng: Late in the first round, Troeng dropped his hands, and Samman capitalized with perfect strikes. He landed a body kick and a 1-2 combo that knocked Troeng straight to the ground. Afterwards, Troeng said he got caught and there isn't much he can learn from loss. I'm no coach, but learning not to drop your hands is a good place to start.

With the win, Team Jones took control, and put Clint Hester up against Jimmy Quinlan of Team Sonnen.

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