Forrest Griffin has no intention to lose to a man in pink tights

Maggie Hendricks

Forrest Griffin talked to about his UFC 155 bout with Phil Davis. The original "The Ultimate Fighter" winner is 2-1 in his last three fights, and has no intentions of dropping a bout to someone who wear pink shorts, like Davis has since UFC 112.

"I really don't want to beat up by a guy in pink tights," Griffin said. He also talked about Davis' nickname of Mr. Wonderful.

"I don't know the origin story behind it. Maybe there's a comic book that explains that it's really powerful. Maybe there's a nuclear material that turned his shorts pink. I don't know that."

Davis wears pink shorts in honor of breast cancer survivors. Several women close to him have battled the disease, and he spoke about how the shorts have prompted people affected by breast cancer to share their stories.

"As soon as people recognize me as the guy with the pink shorts in support of breast cancer awareness, they feel compelled to share their story," he said.

"Sometimes it's about their mom or sister who beat breast cancer, but that's not always the case. Sometimes, it's not a happy ending. But the whole point is to raise awareness and have people open up and tell you little pieces of their lives — it's all about showing support."

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