Former WWE wrestler Lashley looks for MMA win No. 3

It's a big weekend for smaller mixed martial events. It kicks off tonight in Canada at MFC 21 as Bobby Lashley takes his third trip into the cage against Mike Cook. Lashley won his first fight over Joshua Franklin on a cut early in the bout. He won his second with a unanimous decision against veteran Jason Guida. But some questions arose after the fight. How dedicated is Lashley to being a full-time fighter and does he have the mental strength to compete in MMA? Guida's pre-fight trash talk got into Lashley's head. Mark Pavelich, who runs MFC, appearing on CHED in Edmonton, said Guida (17-19-1) sucks and Cook (6-3) is a big step up for the former pro wrestler:

"No offense but Clay Guida would never fight in the Maximum Fighting Championship," Pavelich mistakenly mentioned the wrong Guida brother. "We wouldn't even let him hold the door open for people at our show let alone fight inside the ring. I'm trying to tell you the level (here). He went from that and now he's fighting Mike Cook."

Seems kind of odd to tell a fighter in your promotion that his last win was garbage. It's also a bit skewed considering Jason Guida did make on a cast of the Ultimate Fighter and has been in there against some legitimate opponents. Cook also lost a recent fight to Ruben Villareal (14-14), who is basically a heavyweight punching bag. So who's to say he's any better than Guida?

Listen to Lashley and Pavelich on CHED:

If Lashley comes out of the fight unscathed, he fights 350-pound Bob Sapp in late June. UFC vets Trevor Prangley, John Alessio, Marvin Eastman and David Heath are also on the card.

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