Former UFC heavyweight champ likes Lesnar but says he's beatable

Josh Barnett has done it all in MMA, fought and rolled with loads of great heavyweights. He's a huge dude at 6-foot-3 and 255 pounds but he even admits that Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin are freaks.

"They make their bread and butter off of being enormous," Barnett told Marcos Villegas from Fight Hub TV. "By having bigger than normal hands and bigger than normal heads. By being so sizable and so powerful."

Before they cut down to 265, both Carwin and Lesnar walk around between fights at roughly 300 pounds. Lesnar wears 4x gloves while Carwin is even bigger at 5x.

"If those guys weren't built that way they wouldn't have the success that they do," said Barnett. "Because I don't see a lot of high level technique out of them. I see very simple stuff that works, done well, with giant, gargantuan amounts of strength. It's not their fault, they're doing very well."

With that comes some disadvantages especially for Lesnar.

"I think he would be susceptible in later rounds. I don't think he's built for endurance. There are people out there, they will gas eventually because of their build, their body type. They burn more energy, quicker, faster ... their muscles need more oxygen."

The fight is scheduled for five rounds but Barnett says Carwin also needs to get off to a quick start.

"Hit him first. Throw more than he does," said Barnett. "If he can't impose his will right off the bat, I think would be way to go about beating him."

The bettors in Las Vegas are pushing heavily for Carwin. Lesnar has gone from a minus-160 favorite down to minus-135 on fight day.

Barnett, the No. 10 heavyweight in the world according to USA Today/Bloody Elbow, has fallen off radar a bit. After he served his one-year suspension for a positive steroid test in California, he bested Mighty Mo in a bizarre fight marred by low blows. He's scheduled to fight next week in Australia at Impact FC 1 against Geronimo dos Santos.